Press Release – Get The Led Out – Plymouth Memorial Hall – 8/17/18

Spectacle Management Presents


Friday, August 17 at 8pm
Plymouth Memorial Hall

Tickets On Sale Friday at 10am


JANUARY 16, 2018
CONTACT: Dan Berube,

Get The Led Out

Get The Led Out

Plymouth, MA – Spectacle Management is proud to present Get The Led Out at Plymouth Memorial Hall on Friday, August 17 at 8pm. From the bombastic and epic, to the folky and mystical, Get The Led Out (GTLO) have captured the essence of the recorded music of Led Zeppelin and brought it to the concert stage. The Philadelphia-based group consists of six veteran musicians intent on delivering Led Zeppelin live, like you’ve never heard before. Tickets for Get The Led Out at Plymouth Memorial Hall on Friday, August 17 at 8pm are $29-$49 and go on sale this Friday at 10am on or by calling 617-531-1257.

Utilizing the multi-instrumentalists at their disposal, Get The Led Out re-create Led Zeppelin’s songs in all their depth and glory with the studio overdubs that Zeppelin themselves never performed. When you hear three guitars on the album…GTLO delivers three guitarists on stage. No wigs or fake English accents, GTLO brings what the audience wants…a high energy Zeppelin concert with an honest, heart-thumping intensity.

Dubbed by the media as “The American Led Zeppelin,” Get The Led Out offers a strong focus on the early years. They also touch on the deeper cuts that were seldom, if ever heard in concert. GTLO also include a special “acoustic set” with Zep favorites such as “Tangerine” and the “Battle of Evermore” being performed in its’ original instrumentation with guest singer Diana DeSantis joining the band.

GTLO has amassed a strong national touring history, having performed at major club and PAC venues across the country. GTLO’s approach to their performance of this hallowed catalog is not unlike a classical performance. “Led Zeppelin are sort of the classical composers of the rock era,” says lead vocalist Paul Sinclair. “I believe 100 years from now they will be looked at as the Bach or Beethoven of our time. As cliché as it sounds, their music is timeless.”

A GTLO concert mimics the “light and shade” that are the embodiment of “The Mighty Zep.” Whether it’s the passion and fury with which they deliver the blues-soaked, groove-driven rock anthems, it’s their attention to detail and nuance that makes a Get The Led Out performance a truly awe-inspiring event

Tickets for Get The Led Out at Plymouth Memorial Hall on Friday, August 17 at 8pm are $29-$49 and go on sale this Friday at 10am on or by calling 617-531-1257.

Erected in 1924 and dedicated in 1926 to those in Plymouth that served. Formally the site of the Hedge house Plymouth Memorial Hall has seen many events in it’s many years of operation. Events range from big name acts such as Twisted Sister, Lifehouse, Bob Dylan and Cage Titans to smaller events such as dance competitions, wrestling events and tribute bands. The Hall has been used for many weddings and receptions in addition to the local High schools graduation and the Police Academy Graduation. The Plymouth Philharmonic calls Memorial Hall home for their shows throughout the year. In 2004 Memorial Hall underwent a $7M renovation to restore the space as well as add a few upgrades.

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